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Sanitary Systems, Equipment & Supplies

Our Major Equipment Lines

Ace Sanitary
      Hose and Fittings
Ampco Pumps Company
      Centrifugal pumps for sanitary, marine and industrial applications
Anderson Instrument Company
      Temperature, pressure and level instrumentation, recorders, controllers/Accurate Meters-Turbine, mag, PD and mass flowmeters and accessories
Emperor Aquatics, Inc.
      Ultraviolet disinfection systems
Flow Products LLC.
      Process control and heat transfer
Girton Manufacturing
      Ice builders and washing equipment
      Valves and automation
Rieger Valves
      Valves, Single Seat & Mixproof in Standard, Hygenic, and Aseptic design
Rubber Fab
      Pipeline gaskets, hose assemblies, and specialties
Schlueter Company
      Washing equipment, CIP tanks and systems
Walker Stainless
      Tanks, processors and vats


Check balls
Homogenizer pistons
Pump rotors and impellers
Pressure gauges, sanitary
Pump backplates
Recorders and Controllers
RTD's, sanitary
Separator sleeves
Valve plugs and stems
And more!

If you don't see what you're looking for listed here, just give us a call.

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